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We are professional and loving rat breeders based in Kent. This site is here to assist anyone who is looking at purchasing from us.

Please note – we are non-profit breeders.
The fee we charge for our baby rats covers the cost of feeding, cleaning and looking after the litter from birth up to 7-8 weeks old. If there is any profit, this gets invested into the next litter. All of our baby rats are well cared for, by giving them food that is very high in vitamins, such as curly kale etc, and our baby rats will be a lot bigger & healthier than if you purchased them from a high street pet shop. All our baby rats are handled from when they are 1 day old, to minimise bad behaviour and so they can socialise with humans properly, without biting/scratching your hand.


We love our pet rats and we work hard to ensure that our rats are bred appropriately, taking into consideration any genetic ailments. It is our aim to continue the bloodline of our rats but also make sure that we can eradicate these genetic issues that some rats share.

Have a look round our site; it gives updated information on litters and rat care information.


Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you have a waiting list that we can join?
We do offer a deposit system, which we affectionately named Reserve-A-Rat. You tell us how many rat kittens you’d like, pay a £5 deposit and we’ll reserve your rats. We will continue to look after them until they are ready to be rehomed, at 8 weeks old. When they are 8 weeks old, your new pet(s) will be ready for you to collect!

Can you contact us when you next have a litter for sale?
Yes, we offer a newsletter subscription service, although the majority of our litters are pre-booked with deposits under our “Reserve-A-Rat” system.
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Do you have a consistent stock of baby rats?
No, we are not the typical “breeder”. All of our litters are planned very carefully and we only have one litter at a time. We also give our Mum rats time in between litters, so that they are not over-stressed. The health of our adult rats is paramount for us, as they are our personal pets. We only allow our Mum rats to litter 2-3 times in their lifespan, they will then go into retirement and not breed again. The last thing we want is to affect the health of our own rats. We usually have a 1-2 month break after each litter, to allow both Mum & Dad rats time to relax as having babies can be quite traumatic for a rat.

How do you breed the rats?
We carefully pick Mum & Dad from our own personal pet collection, known as “selective breeding”. We currently have 10 adult rats to choose from. There are several things that can affect which rats we choose, we ensure that there are no genetic problems and that both Mum & Dad are ready and prepared to birth a litter. If we think a particular rat is not appropriate to breed from, maybe because of a genetic defect, or an illness, they go into instant retirement and they stay with us as personal pets. Every so often, we will obtain 1 or 2 new rats from other breeders, so we can ensure that the rats don’t breed incestuously and to bring a new DNA bloodline into our litters.

Do you have any cages or accessories for sale?
Unfortunately, we do not sell cages or accessories. We can provide you with a website of where we get our own cages from, which are approx 50% cheaper than the price you’d pay in a pet shop. Cages start from £40. If you would like to know more, contact us and we’ll send you the website link.

What do you feed the babies?
The mother of the litter will feed her babies throughout the first 2 or 3 weeks. During this time, Mum will be fed rat pellets, along with curly kale to supplement her diet. Mum will also be fed table scraps every other day, this can be anything from left over roast dinner, to leftover vegetables & salad, rats love table scraps and will literally eat anything, so Mum will be very well fed during the nursing period.
The babies will start to eat solid food between 3-4 weeks of age. Mum will continue to feed milk as and when the babies need it. The babies will be fed rat pellets, along with diet supplements like curly kale, broccoli, potatoes, etc.
We give our babies as much food as they need, and this ensures that we give them the best start in life. Baby rats from a standard pet shop will be a lot smaller than ours, simply because we feed ours nutrient-rich foods on a daily basis.

See our rat care guide for more information on diets.

Can I secure a baby rat with a deposit?
Yes, we quite often take deposits on our baby rats. We are happy to look after them until you have your own cage, we’ve had customers who pay a deposit then go on holiday, to pick up on their return. Once you have left a deposit with us, we will hold the rat and look after them until you come to pick them up. Deposits are non refundable, so please make sure you definitely want a rat before coming to view and pay a deposit.
We do allow deposits for newborn rats, but please bear in mind we can not sex the babies until 3-4 weeks of age, so if you put a deposit on a newborn rat, we can’t guarantee the sex until they have developed their genital parts.